Embrace the Oblivion

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Fleshgod Apocalypse – Embrace the Oblivion

We vomit on Eden
Unconcerned ignorants
We are the plague upon the earth
Pouring our venom
Exhaling smokes in the air
Ungrateful sons of mother nature We are the enemies
We are the filthy breed
We are the apocalypse
We are the end With no regret
We put this world to death
We embrace the oblivion of ourselves
Forever Deny the future
Deny the past
In anarchy we rot
With no perspective
Rapidly drain
The soil that gave us birth As we got heaven
We turned it into hell
Decay with no remorse
Cursing posterity
Recklessly exhaust
Every kind of resource To self-destruction blindly we march
With no feeling but scorn
And disillusion led us towards
This point of no return Ah!
Κυβέλη intervene!
Cleanse this foolish race with fire
For a new breed
Purify the world from this tainted seed
Oh let the Nature break free E tu, lenta ginestra
Che di selve odorate
Queste campagne dispogliate adorni
Anche tu presto alla crudel possanza
Soccomberai del sotterraneo foco
Che ritornando al loco
Già noto, stenderà l’avaro lembo
Su tue molli foreste. E piegherai
Sotto il fascio mortal non renitente
Il tuo capo innocente
Ma non piegato insino allora indarno
Codardamente supplicando innanzi
Al futuro oppressor 

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